Scott Jorgensen wants rematch after headbutt, loss

Elias Cepeda
Scott Jorgensen wants rematch after headbutt, loss
Scott Jorgensen wants rematch after headbutt, loss

After his first round loss to Jussier Formiga Sunday night at UFC Fight Night 38, Scott Jorgensen was riled up, and understandably so. Not only was the loss his third straight, but it appeared to be a direct consequence of an accidental but illegal headbutt from his opponent that the referee let go.

Jorgensen spoke with MMA Fighting post-fight and explained why he is livid and wants a rematch with the Brazilian.

"Hell yeah, I'm disappointed," Jorgensen said.

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"I hit him with absolutely everything I threw. He could not hit me. I defended every take down he tried on me. He jumps in, clips me with a head butt, I drop and wake up in a rear naked choke. That's the fight. That's [expletive]. I'm pissed."

According to the American, it matters little if the headbutt were intentional or not. He feels that the blow directly precipitated his loss and, since it was illegal, he deserves another chance.

"I don't think it was intentional but accidental or not, it dropped me. He couldn't hit me before that. He couldn't hit me with his hands...he could not get to me," he went on.

What did you think of the fight? Do you want to see a rematch between Formiga and Jorgensen?

Let us know in the comments section.

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