Score one for the nerds...Playboy Mansion invaded by the media

Mark this one down as a lifetime highlight. MMARated's Ariel Helwani made his way to Los Angeles to cover Saturday's Strikeforce card Playboy Mansion scene.

Gotta love the first big 'celeb' Ariel grabs, Cecil Peoples! He also does some quality ball-busting as Ken Shamrock's mood completely changes once he mentions Kimbo Slice's name.

What was the deal with Bob Shapiro? You pulled off the greatest heist of the 20th century with O.J., gloat a little. Lighten up brother. The grotto can wait.

Hopefully someday outstanding media members like Peter King can show off his eating manners to Hef. Or boxing writer Ron Borges will square off again versus fellow scribe Michael Katz at the Mansion. I lie. Most of us slobs don't deserve to walk on the hallowed grounds. Word has it that MMARated scored very big here in simply getting access to the event. Was Strikeforce/Playboy really looking to charge media members for seats?

Oh by the way, Joe Riggs was a loser in the main event.

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