Science, Jon Jones and Josh Rosenthal: See where they fall on Cagewriter’s Hot or Not List

Maggie Hendricks

It was a bizarre and sad week in the world, and the sad events are still going. My heart goes out to people dealing with the tragic events in Boston and West, Texas, and those who are cleaning up from the massive storm that hit Chicagoland.

In trying times, sports can give us something to talk about that doesn't involve bombs and explosions and death tolls. If you don't want a diversion, no one will blame you, but if you do, the hot or not list from the week in MMA.

Hot -- Science: UFC president Dana White has been battling with Meniere's Disease, a disorder of the inner-ear that has wreaked havoc on his health. A surgery that was supposed to help didn't, but White tried a new therapy that he says has made a huge difference. White went to Germany and received platement-rich plasma therapy, after New York Yankees star Alex Rodriguez told him to, of course.

Not -- Fans who take swings at fighters: OK, it was just one fan, but it was one fan too many. Taking a swing at Chael Sonnen or anyone else is the kind of thing that could raise security levels hinder the access fans have to their favorite fighters.

Hot -- Jon Jones: Though he made a bad move when he accused, then withdrew his accusations, Sonnen of taking steroids, Jones is still having a good week. His Nike line is on sale, making him the first UFC fighter with his own shoe.

Not -- Josh Rosenthal: The well-respected MMA referee had a bad week that probably could have been worse. After he was busted for conspiracy charges because he owned a warehouse full of marijuana plants, Rosenthal plead guilty and faces 37 months in jail.

Still taking temperature -- Benson Henderson: The UFC lightweight champ will defend his belt against Gilbert Melendez on Saturday night at UFC on Fox 7. We will find out if he's still the hottest in his division.

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