After a scary summer heart diagnosis, UFC heavyweight Stefan Struve now reports improved health


Last August, UFC heavyweight Stefan Struve was diagnosed with a leaky aortic valve and an enlarged heart and it appeared that his career might be in jeopardy. This week, however, Struve has good news to share about his condition.

Struve’s manager Lex McMahon released a statement to MMAFighting yesterday that detailed Struve’s improved health, according to doctors.

"Stefan Struve recently had a follow-up visit with his doctors to determine the efficacy of the treatment protocol he had been prescribed.

During his visit, the doctors informed Stefan that the leakage back into his heart has been greatly reduced.

Additionally, his heart is not as enlarged as it was, but since it is still enlarged, they are attributing it to a condition called 'Sport Heart' or 'Athletic Heart Syndrome,' which is fairly common in athletes who train rigorously for more than one hour per day and is generally considered benign.

Stefan's doctors have cleared him to return to training so they can evaluate how he responds over the next several months.

At this time the doctors are suggesting that he continue with the medicine and do not recommend surgery.

The general prognosis for Stefan's health is very positive. Stefan is focused on returning to the Octagon as soon as he can do so safely.”

The Dutch 7-footer last fought in March, when he lost by TKO to Mark Hunt and suffered a broken jaw. The 25 year-old has fought professionally since he was just a teenager and boasts an overall record of 25-6.

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