Is Saturday night the night for fighting?

Sunday's WEC 40 in Chicago drew a little more than 5,000 people. It's not a bad number for the WEC, but the UIC Pavilion was not sold out. On the other hand, just a few days before WEC 40, Nashville set an Ultimate Fight Night attendance record with 10,267 attendees at UFN 18.

The problem with weeknight events that take place in Eastern and Central time zones is that the shows aren't finished until late, and the people who can afford to buy tickets need to go to work in the morning. Most people who go to a fight want a relaxing experience with a few beers, and maybe a trip to the after-parties later in the evening. Who can do that on a Sunday or a Wednesday night? Apparently, more could in Nashville than could in Chicago.

Of course, pay-per-views are always on Saturday nights. That's because they are an event, and if people are going to shell out $44.95 to watch on television, or hundreds of dollars to watch in person, they should get to have the whole fight experience. That includes not getting up early the next morning.

For now, it seems as if the WEC will stay on Sunday nights, as Versus has dictated.

"We've discussed [Saturday nights] but our television schedule determines when we do our shows, whether it's on Wednesday night or Sunday night," Reed Harris, WEC general manager, said after the fight. "We have talked about doing pay-per-views, and those would probably be on a Saturday night."

What night do you prefer when it comes to watching fights?

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