Sanchez interview: 'Now you've made me mad homie'

Do fighters ever switch their nicknames? Jamie Varner did. But he took a step backward going from "The Worm" to "C-4." "The Nightmare" is a damn good nickname, so no one is telling Diego Sanchez that he should drop the moniker but after interviewing the guy a lot over the years, we're thinking "Deranged" Diego may be more accurate. You never know what you're going to get from the 27-year-old "Ultimate Fighter" Season 1 champ. He was nice and composed during a conversation on workout day at the Palms on Wednesday, but then he just arbitrarily flipped the switch and talked trash about Clay Guida for minutes on end.

Apparently Guida has talked about pushing the pace and that Sanchez has never faced someone with his cardio. Uh oh (2:33 mark):

"He said he's going to show me what it's really like to get tired," Sanchez told Cagewriter. "Have you not watched my fights, where I beat big 170 pounders and not even breathe hard?"

Then Sanchez got rolling:

"Wanna talk some trash? Now it's on homie. Clay, I know you're going to try and throw your little 1-2 combo to a takedown. I'll be waiting for that, also a big left knee is gonna be waiting for that. The same thing Roger (Huerta) did to you (at the TUF 6 FinalE - VIDEO (13:15 mark), except my knee is going to be harder, more accurate and timed perfect."

Sanchez says that Guida just doesn't have the stand-up game to compete and is the last guy who should be critiquing his game:

"He's talking a bunch of trash, sayng that my fight was like a robot, my stand-up was like a robot, saying I telegraph my kicks. His stand-up skills are nothing. Just like a basic wrestler guy."

Is Sanchez for real? He had a little smirk at the end which suggest he's not all that angry, but he's smart enough now after four years with the UFC to realize a little smack talk is good for hyping up the fight. We elected to cut out the discussion of the miracle product Stevia. Sanchez has a little bit of "Deranged" Dan Quinn rubbing off on him.

Sanchez meets Guida in the main event of the "The Ultimate Fighter" Season 9 finale, Saturday night in Las Vegas.