Sadollah's grappling not up to snuff in loss to Kim

Amir Sadollah had zero professional fights under his belt when won Season 7 of "The Ultimate Fighter" and the UFC wisely brought him along slowly. Tonight, it was time to step up a level and Sadollah just didn't have it. His game still needs lot of work before he can ensure he'll have a spot on the roster in 2011. Dong Hyun Kim took down Sadollah whenever he wanted and controlled the position ont he ground on his way to a unanimous decision victory, 30-27 on all three cards. Kim nailed Sadollah with single and double-leg takedown to keep the fight on the deck for 11-of-15 minutes. While down there, he didn't do a ton of damage but Sadollah was helpless to extricate himself. Kim's best round was the second when he was able to pin Sadollah's arm across his face and let some nasty body shots. Kim also opened up a cut across Sadollah's nose. The Korean is one of the under the radar sleepers at 13-0-1. He's got wins over Matt Brown, Jason Tan and Sadollah.

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