Rutten says Kimbo shouldn't be a main event fighter

Bas Rutten has been at Kimbo Slice's side throughout his odd journey in mixed martial arts. He vented to Yahoo! Sports this week about how Kimbo has been treated poorly by much of the media in the aftermath of knockout loss at the hands of Seth Petruzelli:

"Kimbo didn't deserve any of this. Kimbo didn't put himself in the main event. I always said let him get some fights. Let him get comfortable before he fights big shows."

Rutten spoke passionately about laying off Kimbo:

"Did he behave himself bad in public? No. Did he not train hard? No, he did not. He respected everybody. (He's saying) I'm a little squirrel in this big world trying to learn this game."

Rutten said the whole day for Kimbo and his camp was confusing. Kimbo got caught off guard after training for groundwork against Ken Shamrock. Rutten said he actually would've felt better had Petruzelli tried to take the fight to the ground. He also admitted that normally the Petruzelli knockout punch shouldn't takeout any fighter but Slice just got caught the wrong way.

Rutten had some good insight when asked to react to claims that Shamrock bowed out of the fight on purpose:

"Ken had some things going on. I don't know if I can go into that. But his head wasn't in the right place. He was kind of angry and trying to blow off some steam. He started working out and rolling around. Obviously, they rolled harder than they were supposed to go and boom there the cut was."

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