'Rude Boy' turns up the heat even more on GSP and KenFlo

After B.J. Penn threw out the claim that Kenny Florian told someone in his camp that Georges St. Pierre cheats by greasing and is a steroid user, you'd figure someone would step up as the voice of reason. It hasn't happened yet and it's definitely not going to be Penn's friend Troy Mandaloniz. Cage Writer spoke with the Hawaiian-born fighter who flat out said GSP is a cheater:

"St. Pierre is looked upon as such an honorable guy, an honorable champion, is there any need to cheat? Who know if the fight would've went any different."

Mandaloniz suggest that St. Pierre's wholesome image is nonsense. He said the reason GSP cheats is because he lacks confidence.

"Looks to me like he's on the good cereal there in Canada. Look at the body. He looks to me like he's pretty suspect. I'm not sitting next to him watching him do it."

He doesn't think Penn looks bad by dredging up a new story everyday:

"Whatever man the guy cheated."

Click to hear Mandaloniz on GSP and Florian (ESPNRadio1100):

When asked about who has the KenFlo text, Mandaloniz laughed and said he'll look into it.