Royce Gracie confronts Eddie Bravo after grappling match

Elias Cepeda
Royce Gracie confronts Eddie Bravo after grappling match
Royce Gracie confronts Eddie Bravo after grappling match

Original UFC champion Royce Gracie had no interest in letting bygones be bygones with grappler Eddie Bravo after Bravo's match with Royce's brother Royler at the Metamoris 3 submission grappling main event Saturday. Royler, 48, is one of the most decorated submission grappling champions in history and a respected MMA fighter who fought some of the very best fighters in the world in his fight career.

Bravo, 43, has never won a world title or fought MMA but did beat Royler in a grappling match back in 2003 at the ADCC world title tournament. After that submission win, the previously unknown Bravo (who is a black belt uner Gracie cousin and grappling legend Jean Jacques Machado) retired and became one of the most successful Jiu Jitsu coaches in the world.

Bravo also routinely made critical and disrespectful remarks about Royler and other Gracies over the years. After Bravo and Royler grappled to a draw Saturday at Metamoris 3, Royce went backstage to confront the 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu leader. 

"I told him that I liked what he said after the fight, but didn’t like the fact that he always talked trash about Royler and my family," Royce told Guilherme Cruz in a recent interview.

"He stood up and started yelling, so I also raised the tone of my voice and told him I didn’t like it...He said he always gave my family credit, but I know it’s not true," Gracie went on.

"He always talks trash about my family. Enough with this [expletive]. He said he never talked bad about my family and he always gave us credit. He kept raising the tone of his voice, and I told him to shut up, so Jean Jacques [Machado] came in, said we didn’t need this and asked [Bravo] to leave."

It does not appear as if Royce's actions were an attempt to create hype for a possible grappling match between he and Bravo in the future since Gracie went on to say that he's a fighter, not a grappler.

"I’m a vale-tudo fighter," Royce explained.

"I’m not a fighter to score points of fight with time limit. Let’s [fight] with no time limit and with punches allowed. I’m a vale-tudo fighter, I don’t compete in [grappling] tournaments."

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