Ronda Rousey rips fan who asks an inappropriate question (Video)

Maggie Hendricks
Ronda Rousey rips fan who asks an inappropriate question (Video)
Ronda Rousey rips fan who asks an inappropriate question (Video)

The UFC is on a media tour around North America this week. On Wednesday, they stopped in New York City. Fans were welcomed to the press conference, but as you can see in the video, not everything a fan says is welcome.

According to Eric Holden, a fan asked Rousey how many times she has sex before a fight.

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"It's not an appropriate question to ask," she responded. "If your mother was standing behind you and heard you ask that question, what would she say to you?"

Rousey has answered the question about sex before fights in an interview with Conan O'Brien.

There are major differences between the two situations. With O'Brien, Rousey is in a controlled environment, not having someone yell random things at her in a free-for-all. Secondly, she has answered the question, so what is this person's motive for asking her? To see if she'll respond? To get a date?

She is absolutely 100 percent right to yell at this man. The questions and statements that get yelled at fighters can too often be downright rude. Rousey's rule is one that's a pretty good guideline for life. If your mother would have a problem with you saying -- or typing -- it, you shouldn't say it. And if your mother wouldn't have a problem with you yelling lewd things at strangers, well, therapy is a good option.

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