Ronda Rousey responds to Wal-Mart over its ban on her upcoming book

Ryan McKinnell

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When news broke earlier this week that the mega-store Wal-Mart would not be carrying UFC champion Ronda Rousey’s upcoming autobiography "My Fight/Your Fight," more than a few people were left scratching their heads.

After all, Wal-Mart is a place where you can buy a litany of dangerous items that aren’t bound with cardboard – like, guns and ammunition for example.

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Rousey, the former Olympic medalist, current movie star and undefeated UFC bantamweight champion, has seen a meteoric rise to pop culture sensation in only a few short years. Her last two title defenses have been finished in a combined 30 seconds. She is as close to unstoppable as the sport of MMA has ever seen.

Now, with Wal-Mart refusing to sell her book in-store (they are offering it online) due to the ‘violent’ nature of it, “Rowdy” has fired back at the company with a statement on Instagram.

"Success is the best revenge" one of many lessons I learned from fighting that helped me fight through life's battles off the mat and outside the octagon. @walmart is welcome to watch the success of this publication from the sidelines if they choose.

Rousey knows a thing or two about success.

Her latest movie role was in "Fast 7" – a film that has grossed $384 million globally only a few short days after being released. Later this summer, you can catch the 28-year-old in the long awaited "Entourage" film. And if fighting is your thing, Rousey is set to defend her title against Brazilian rival Bethe Correia on Aug. 1 at UFC 190 in Brazil.

My Fight/Your Fight is scheduled for a May 12 release.


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