Ronda Rousey doesn’t want to even touch the UFC championship belt before fighting

Maggie Hendricks

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- When Ronda Rousey was named the UFC women's bantamweight champion, critics said she didn't deserve the belt and that she should have to fight for it. It turns out she agrees with her critics.

"I don't deserve it. I won't even touch it until I win," Rousey said of the gold and leather belt in sitting in front of her on the table.

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After the press conference, Rousey faced off with Liz Carmouche, her opponent at UFC 157 on Saturday. Traditionally, the champion holds the belt during these pictures, but Rousey held true to her word. Finally, UFC president Dana White draped the belt over her shoulder, much to Rousey's dismay.

Rousey's unwillingness to touch the belt isn't alone in sports. In the NHL, teams who win the Eastern and Western conferences usually won't touch the Prince of Wales Trophy or Clarence S. Campbell Bowl, respectively. With the ultimate goal of lifting the Stanley Cup, many players view picking up these trophies as bad luck. The Philadelphia Flyers touched the Wales trophy before ultimately losing to the Chicago Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup finals, proving that Rousey may be on to something.

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