Rogan video: Fedor too fat for 2011 heavyweight division

Rumors from the camp of Fedor Emelianenko have the former heavyweight king returning some time in July. When he re-emerges will he be a slimmer Fedor?

Joe Rogan says Emelianenko's days at heavyweight are numbered, probably sending PRIDE fans into a apoplectic rage.

"You can't be rolling around fat and fighting those guys," said Rogan as he was referencing 290-pound Antonio "Big Foot" Silva.{ysp:more}

"He's an amazing athlete. He's put on some incredible fights over the years, but I think once you get to the highest level ... you can't come in fat. You can't be fighting way above your weight class."

Rogan said Fedor is smaller than some middleweights. He points to Anthony Johnson as example of someone who is actually bigger than Fedor. The UFC analyst also talked about the amazing transformation the sport has undergone saying fighters in 2011 would crush fighters of the past (1:55 mark).

Will Fedor shock us and return as a light heavyweight?

MMAConvert thinks he looked smaller in a recent training video in Holland. Does he look smaller in this photo with Ernesto Hoost? On the flip side, in the last two weeks Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker was still telling folks he considers Fedor an alternate candidate for the Strikeforce heavyweight Grand Prix.

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