Rogan meets DEA agent in not-at-all awkward interview

One of the hilariously awkward moments of Ultimate Fight Night on Saturday was when cageside commentator Joe Rogan had to interview Brian Boyle, the DEA agent who stars in Spike's show, DEA. Rogan usually does a good job with the interviews to keep sponsors happy, but he was clearly uncomfortable throughout his discussion with Boyle. Why?

Rogan loves pot, as well as any other drugs that "enlighten him." You can read about it here, listen here and here, oh, and watch how he believes that marijuana is legal here. (Language NSFW on all links.) When speaking about his trip on DMT, or dimethyltryptamine, he says, "You are literally taking a trip to another dimension, and there are complex, geometric shapes moving in synchronous order, through the air, all around you. And there are arteries, but there's not blood, there's lights. And there's an alien talking to you, and he's telling me not to give into astonishment." Right.

The odd pairing of Rogan and a guy who is looking to destroy what Rogan loves led to exchanges like this:

Boyle: In the second season, we're going to northern New Jersey area, with a good increase of population and drug traffic there.

Rogan: I used to live in northern Jersey. It gets pretty hot down there, doesn't it?

Boyle, with stern look to Rogan: Yes, it does.

Unfortunately, since Smell-o-vision doesn't exist yet, we don't know if Rogan reeked of pot, or how Boyle reacted. Hopefully, they worked out their differences after the fights, and shared a bowl, Funyuns and some paranoid giggles.

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