Rogan and Goldberg let their bias show

Joe Rogan Mike Goldberg are oft-criticized for their obnoxiousness and blatant shilling for the UFC, but rarely have their biases been displayed as they were during today's Rousimar Palhares/Jeremy Horn fight.

Palhares won the fight, but you would have never known if you were just listening to it. The broadcasting duo went on and on about Horn's experience, technical skill, good nature, ability to leap tall buildings in a single bound and kindness and gentleness to animals. Palhares, an exciting up-and-comer in the middleweight division, was ignored for a journeyman who probably shouldn't have even been on the main card.

They were equally ebullient about Mark Coleman in the first round of his fight, but as Coleman became more and more beat up, they realized the sadness of the situation. "This is hard to watch," Rogan said. They were also quick to point out that Rua's win was hardly a victory as he was having a hard time finishing off an old, broken down Coleman.

The UFC has a full lineup in the next few weeks, meaning we will be hearing a lot of Goldberg and Rogan. Hopefully, they won't be quite so biased, or this will get really hard to listen to.

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