Robbie Lawler stops Jake Ellenberger at UFC 173

Elias Cepeda
Robbie Lawler stops Jake Ellenberger at UFC 173
Robbie Lawler stops Jake Ellenberger at UFC 173

Robbie Lawler successfully jumped right back onto the saddle Saturday night just two months after his war with Johny Hendricks for the UFC welterweight title. Lawler controlled and brutalized Jake Ellenberger in their main card welterweight showdown and finished with a third round TKO. 

Early in the fight, Lawler landed several rear left high kicks that stunned Ellenberger. The Nebraska wrestler fought on, however, absorbing shots but never giving in. 

In the third, however, Lawler landed a killer combination that put Ellenberger down and out for good. Lawler lead with a right jab, then followed up with a rear right knee to the dome of his opponent, followed by another left hook. 

From there, Ellenberger fell to all fours and absorbed several more shots before the referee stepped in and stopped the bout. Lawler was amped up and told the Las Vegas crowd and the world that he wants another crack at Johny Hendricks and the UFC welterweight title.

"He's a really good fighter. I just wanted to go out there and showcase what I'm capable of and let everybody know that I'm coming for that title," Lawler said in his post-fight interview.

"I wasn't going to cry about anything. I was going to get back in line and beat people up and let people know that I'm the best and that I'm coming for that title."

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