Robbie Lawler not dwelling on UFC title loss

Robbie Lawler not dwelling on UFC title loss


Robbie Lawler came as close as you can to winning UFC gold without actually capturing a belt when he lost a close decision after going to Johny Hendricks after a war last month at UFC 171. It might appear to have been a crushing loss to the welterweight but Lawler insists that he isn't down on himself.

“I’m not dwelling on the loss at all,” Lawler told MMAjunkie in a recent interview.

“It comes down to getting better, working on my skills and pushing myself to get better. That’s about it."

It might help that Lawler already has another challenge to focus himself on - a fight against Jake Ellenberger May 24 at UFC 173 in Las Vegas.

“The opportunity arose where I could get a fight. I’m making the most of it. I’m back in the gym and working out, getting my body ready," he said.

Lawler and Hendricks both took ungodly amounts of punishment throughout their five-round title fight in March but that didn't stop Lawler from rushing into another fight on short notice. Nor did it stop him from getting back in the gym right away and pushing his body all over again.

“I worked out that Monday after the fight, just to get some blood flowing in my muscles [and] work out any sore muscles, and then I rested for the next week,” Lawler recounted.

“After a week I started lifting, pushing myself harder than I normally do a week out from a fight. Now I’m just right back in it and pushing myself to get better.”

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