Ridiculous Sean Sherk video: ‘The Hero of Our Time'

He's not my first choice but Sean Sherk has been tabbed by a fan as the new Greatest American Hero. If the GAH reference means nothing, good for you. That indicates you're less than 80-years-old. "Greatest American Hero" was the incredibly cheesy '80's show featuring an awful theme song by Joe Scarbury.

The humor in this video is a bit lost on me. It could be someone who truly loves the UFC lightweight champ or more likely with the rise of the internet tough guy, it's mocking on Sherk. It features "The Muscle Shark" during his UFC 73 win over Hermes Franca. That of course was the fight where Sherk dominated to retain his title and then tested positive for steroids. Nice by the editor showing Sherk repeatedly mounting the poor Brazilian. At least the author "Jimmy Shaker" didn't start this site.

The video also reminds why the 80's are so confusing. Proof that the '80's were awesome -- GAH female lead Connie Sellecca. Proof that the '80's sucked -- "Believe It or Not" was a top-40 song for 18 weeks.

On a side note, it is interesting how people label athletes who use steroids as cheaters. Yet when someone in Hollywood like Mickey Rourke appears to have done something fishy he's given awards.

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