The return of C-a-C: 'Knocked out? No, I just tripped!'

Welcome back, Create-a-caption. It took most of July off, but is ready for a busy August. Let's start with this picture from Takanori Gomi's KO of Tyson Griffin. After the fight was stopped, Griffin protested because clearly, he just tripped and fell. Gomi's nasty right hook had nothing to do with it. Take your best shot at a caption in the comment section. Winner gets a lifetime supply of Gomi hair dye. Read on for winners of our last C-a-C.

First place: "In a moment of confusion,Brock mounts the cage instead of his wife." — thunderboltgreaseslapper

Second place: "Brock is on the fence when asked if he could defeat Fedor." — Allen

Third place: "No cannot jump off the top of the cage for a diving elbow drop." — Marcyes