Retirement talk, Grease-Gate: Is Penn a detriment to the sport?

It's the story that won't die. In fact, the Georges St. Pierre Vaseline story is only picking up more steam now that much of the mainstream media has tapped into it after the Super Bowl news has died down.

J.D. Penn, B.J's brother and manager, told KHON news that they're just looking for a fair shake and want to make sure the greasing doesn't happen again with so much on the line in these big fights.

Meanwhile, B.J. is seen at the end of the video tugging at the heart strings. He sounds like he doesn't want to fight anymore:

"I have no clue what's going on in my head right now. Your mind changes from time to time. I was gonna make this my last fight."

Penn, 30, says he has put his time in the sport:

"In my head, I was with the company, nine or 10 years. I kinda just wanted to go be finished with this whole thing after this. I don't know where my head is right now."

He even went as far as thanking the fans, who've backed him over the years. I'll cut Penn a break. He's a little quirky and a tough guy to manage, we've seen that over the years with his constant demands to fight bigger guys and his money discussions.

The retirement talk does call into question just how hard he worked on his conditioning before the fight. Does the UFC want a lightweight champ who they need to beg to fight every six months? Is B.J. so talented that he can continue to dominate the lightweight division if his heart isn't in it?

Michael Rome over at BloodyElbow comes a little stronger. He is fed up with Penn saying the guy is taking down the sport with him.

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