Retired UFC fighter Julie Kedzie becomes matchmaker for InvictaFC

Elias Cepeda

Women's MMA pioneer Julie Kedzie retired after a close decision loss to Bethe Correia at UFC Fight Night 33 earlier this month but she'll stay involved in the sport as the new matchmaker of the all-female MMA promotion, Invicta FC.

"I’m very happy to announce that I’ve been in talks with [Invicta president] Shannon Knapp and I’m going to be Invicta FC’s new matchmaker," Kedzie recently told MMA Fighting.

"I’m going to be taking on the role as matchmaker of the company, going to work hoping to help developing the careers of other female fighters. Bring them up to the sports, get them the attention they deserve and hopefully promote the sport a little bit on the sidelines now and have a role where I can help people. Face to face, get them what they need...I’m really excited about it. I’m terrified, but excited."

Kedzie will serve as both matchmaker and as a color commentator for Invicta telecasts. She believes her dual role will help give fans a special insight to the sport and organization.

"You’re going to have the commentator and the matchmaker right there telling you why it happened," she said.

"So I think I’ll be able to give people more insights of the working of the business as audience members, and they will be able to see why people are matched the way they were."

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