Reader Rants: You speak up on Anderson Silva, Miesha Tate and more

Maggie Hendricks

As usual, Cagereaders are a wonderfully verbose group of people. Here are some of their thoughts on the biggest stories in MMA. Want to make the next Reader Rants? Like Cagewriter on Facebook, then comment on stories.

What's the next move for UFC middleweight champ Anderson Silva? There's not many who don't want to see him fight UFC light heavyweight champ Jon Jones.

Jones of course. That's the only fight that interests me right now. I don't think I'd get another Silva fight. No point, if you know what the outcome will be in advance. -- Randy Huey

Silva has already defeated the greatest wrestlers the UFC has to offer; I like GSP but c'mon. -- Nathan W. Collier

If I really could pick as I've said before Spider would drop down and take GSP's belt (if he could) then go back up and take Jones belt. (If he could.) That would be great. -- Eric Wolfe

Plenty of you spoke up on Miesha Tate's thoughts on men hitting women.

I think it's important to define attack. If someone, man or woman, is about to cause you serious harm then why would you just let them. -- Gabriel Gonzalez

This is the issue with embracing your fighters use of social media. Sometimes, they'll say something you'd really wish they hadn't. -- Rob Stevens

Forrest Griffin will now fight Phil Davis, and you spoke up on how you think that fight will go at UFC 155.

Davis looked awesome in his last fight against Prado. I think he is going to totally dominate Forrest. Forrest is one of my favs, but Davis has way better wrestling skills and should be able to take Forest down at will and dominate on the ground. I say, Anaconda Choke, 3rd round. -- Josh Baer

Davis may literally murder him. Knocked on your [expletive] twice against Tito. Pfeh. -- Andrew Salvage

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