Reader Rants: Mo Lawal’s dismissal, the Anderson Silva/Chael Sonnen rematch, and an overweight fighter

Maggie Hendricks

Welcome to another edition of Reader Rants, where Cagereaders get their say. This week, though we're still in a Zuffa drought, you all had plenty of opinions to share.

On King Mo's release from Strikeforce after calling a commissioner a bad name on Twitter:

It was kind of ignorant for her to ask him if he knew how to read or write. Instead of being "funny" or "racist" she could have just plainly asked him if he read through the application----in particular the part with the question of taking different meds/steroids/drugs. -- David Feinblatt

He should have not lost his job. There have been a lot of worse things said on Twitter by Dana White and other UFC fighters. He'll get his job back. -- Angel D. Gutierrez-Ruiz

Nothing was commented on more than the Anderson Silva/Chael Sonnen rematch:

I believe the rematch will allow Sonnen to back up what he said about the first fight. Win it and give Silva the beating hes never experienced in the cage before. -- Larry Conley

I think just because of what happened in the last fight, Silva is coming very prepared. I don't see him losing any fight anytime soon. At least not to someone that he almost lost to in the past. Best believe is going be a war but Silva will be victorious. -- Ernesto Aguilera

I think Silva will win based on a couple of different reasons:

1. Silva was injured last time he fought Sonnen and probably should not have been fighting at all yet he still won after getting hammered for 4 rounds
2. Sonnen was on performance enhancing drugs (which got him banned from fighting for a year)
3. Silva has beaten down some of the best ground and pound guys in the world, some of whom Sonnen can't hold a candle to.
4. Silva has the best record in the UFC, which is not something that just happens... its earned through hard work and extreme talent

In the end, anything can happen in MMA. A slip, a swollen eye, even cutting weight all takes its toll. If I had to bet though, I would put my money on Anderson Silva. -- David Fish

Thiago Santos coming in 12 lbs. overweight for his Bellator title fight lost him a chance to win the tournament. What did readers think?

That's the right call. I initially read that the whole tournament was going to be scrapped. I'm glad that they didn't mess over Prindle because Santos couldn't make weight. Besides, he wasn't even close to making weight. -- Michael Stull

Guess that extra week wait was spent at the buffet. -- Jim Hammar

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