Reader rants: Cagereaders speak up on Rousey, the Edgar/Henderson rematch and ‘Rampage’

Maggie Hendricks

MMA fans are nothing if not passionate and opinionated. Cagewriter appreciates those passionate opinions, and wants to give them a home. Welcome to "Reader Rants," the best reactions to MMA's biggest stories on Cagewriter's Facebook page.

Opinions differed on the UFC giving Frankie Edgar a rematch for the lightweight belt against Benson Henderson.

I see Frankie winning this fight. He always displays an underdog mentality when he is out there fighting. Even when he was the champion! Now that he doesn't have the belt I feel like we are going to see even more heart and determination from him, if that was even possible. -- Christian Hagopian

BENDO .. another UD. It is not going to change. Edgar should have taken another fight before this. after losing twice to BENDO he will have his hand forced to move down a weight class. -- Jason Tellier

Ronda Rousey's first-round win over Miesha Tate impressed quite a few Cagereaders.

Ronda Rousey practices armbars on steel beams. -- Michael Rds Adams

Sickest armbars in MMA. That may not have been the best submission ever, but I can't remember one that looked more painful. -- Gabriel Martinez

But nothing moved more people to speak than Quinton "Rampage" Jackson's tweets about his next fight being his last one in the UFC. Instead of drawing sympathy, Jackson drew the ire of quite a few Cagereaders.

He hasn't done anything significant in the octagon since 2008. He has shown a complete lack of interest & dedication as well. Now he is going to complain about $$$. Adios homey! Vince McMahon can probably line something up for you. -- Frank Fazio

He wants more pay? Bader walked all over him! I think the UFC/Boxing/and contact sport like this should go to a winner take all purse maybe then some of these guys would take their train a little more serious and make weight. -- Edward Kelly Fiori

This guy misses weight, can't win a fight and is [expletive] about pay? Make weight and you won't lose 20% of your purse. Then win some fights and then maybe you will get more sponsors. This guy is a joke in MMA now anyways. Go make more terrible movies -- Chris Stephens

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