Rashad Evans’ mother gives sage advice about his UFC 145 bout with Jon Jones

Maggie Hendricks

Before Rashad Evans fights, his mother always gives him advice. He shared her latest wisdom with UFC cameras.

Shirley Ann Evans told Cagewriter in 2010 her son laughed off much of what she told him about his bout with Lyoto Machida, so he listened when she spoke up about Quinton Jackson.

"The last fight with Machida, the one he lost? I had warned him. I said, 'Rashad, Machida feels that if he has your mind he can win the fight.' Rashad thought that was so funny. I said he feels like he can conquer your spirit, and Rashad thought that was funny. I said it's a mental fight, and he thought I was so funny, and then he lost. And I look up, and he's telling someone on national TV, my mother warned me about the fight. I told him, Rashad, [Jackson's] coming to knock you the hell out. He's not playing with you. Look for every opportunity you can to give that to him. He wasn't laughing this time!"

When Evans listens to his mother, he wins. Do you think he'll be following her advice next Saturday?

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