Randy Couture is going nowhere according to wife Kim

It's Couture in the Cage III tonight as Kim Couture steps into action at Strikeforce in San Jose. Her husband Randy lost his UFC heavyweight title last weekend to Brock Lesnar at UFC 91. The week before Randy's son Ryan won an amateur fight in Washington. Kim goes for her first professional win against Lina Kvokov.

Couture says she's come a long way since her brutal loss to Kim Rose back in June:

"Honestly it was the best thing that couldn't happened in my career. Now i kind of feel like a caged tiger. I want to go in there and impose my will."

Couture mentioned that she was screwed from the start of the fight when Rose cracked her with a huge right hand that had her on queer street for the remainder of the fight. She never got her equillibrium back.

If anything, she's resilient. Couture has that in common with her husband, who she says hasn't once mentioned retirement since the loss to Lesnar. UFC color analyst Joe Rogan painted a picture of doom in the cage last Saturday implying that it could be the end of the road for the 45-year old.

"I don't even know where that came from," said Couture. "I thought he did a fantastic job. He stuck to the gameplan and controlled him that first round. There were a couple of times he had him up and was ready to dump him on his head which I think would've had a big impact on that fight."

Click below to listen to Couture talk about her career and husband Randy (ESPNRadio1100 w/Cofield & Cokin):

Lesnar won the fight in devastating fashion but Couture, just like her husband, is still unwilling to give him too much credit:

"I gained a new appreciation for how big he is. It's definitely going to play in his favor. If he's smart and keeps working at it, putting that skill behind that, it's gonna be a big advantage. (Randy) said he didn't feel too strong or too heavy. I'd love to see the rematch."

Couture talked about the way Lesnar handled himself after the victory. She feared that he would act like a jackass but he didn't. There were also no complaints behind the scenes about Lesnar grabbing the cage on a few occasions or throwing illegal hammerfists to the back of Randy's head.

Couture did get into the Gina Carano to the WEC story as well.

"I think she's definitely interested. I think that would be fantastic. It would be a big draw. She realizes that the interest is there to see her fight Cyborg. There's no other options (aside from WEC)."

Couture did mention Strikeforce but it sounded like the lack of live television aside from HDNet would hurt Strikeforce's chances to land Carano. No surprise, Couture did not throw out Affliction as a possibility for Carano.

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