Randleman is livid with the MMA media

It's a great time to be Kevin Randleman. He just got married and is now ready for the second phase of his fighting life. The 37-year-old is trying to show that he's made it all the way back from life threatening kidney and lung ailments in 2007 and 2008. He's got a whole new outlook on life but that doesn't mean little things don't get under his skin. Once an excitable guy, always an excitable guy. Randleman is on fire right now about what he thinks was a shot at his competitive spirit.

Randleman recently turned down a Strikeforce fight with Rafael "Feijao" Cavalcante. Just before he was introduced to the media as the promotion's newest signee, Randleman was asked on the ESPNRadio1100 postfight show if he'd like to fight Cavalcante at his June 6 debut. He told Cage Writer, he didn't know who Feijao was. After that interview, he addressed the media in attendance:

"Now that I'm here, understand this – it comes from the heart," Randleman said. "I'll fight anybody, anywhere. When Scott (Coker) says it's time to get down and dirty, understand this: I'm not coming to lose, and I'm not coming to back up."

Ariel Helwani, who co-hosted that ESPNRadio1100 postfight, wrote a reaction piece to Randleman turning down a Feijao fight:

Apparently "anybody, anywhere" has some restrictions.

Randleman was told about that story by a site called Fighthype and he didn't react kindly:

"I'm a [expletive] man and no one will ever question that because I am a man before I am a fighter and to have some [expletive] who sits behind a computer all day question my manhood pisses me off," said Randleman. "I want this dude and any so-called journalist that talks [expletive] about fighters to step to me when they see me at an event and let me know that they are guy who printed an article like this and I will spit in his [expletive] face."

Was Randleman called a puss by that AOL Fanhouse piece or was he told that he was called puss? In either case, he was inaccurate in saying "anybody, anywhere." He should've said anyone with a "big name", anywhere.

I can't can blame a guy who has 29 fights under his belt against the likes of Shogun Rua, Cro Cop, Fedor Emelianenko, Chuck Liddell and Randy Couture, for not wanting to fight the unknown Feijao, in just his fourth fight? But he needs to calm down on the threats against the media especially without reading the story. MMAMania and Cage Potato also wrote critical pieces. Randleman is going to need a lot of saliva to cover Helwani, Jesse Holland and Bens at CP.

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