Rampage says all the trash talk will come back to haunt Evans

Rashad Evans can talk trash with the best of them. In the case of fights against Lyoto Machida, Forrest Griffin and Thiago Silva, it was probably warranted with the need to help sell the fights for various reasons. In the case of Quinton Jackson, you start to wonder if Evans is writing his own obituary. During the UFC 114 prefight conference, Jackson said Evans is going to regret opening his mouth so often.

"It'd be the wrong way, it would be like a bad idea," Jackson said when asked if he thought Evans' trash talk was a ploy to get him angry. "It's already motivated me to train harder than I ever trained."

Jackson said he hasn't worked this hard since his third fight against Wanderlei Silva back at UFC 92.

"But this fight, I trained way harder than that, actually way more than I did that time," said Jackson. "I've trained for a championship fight."

Evans added fuel to the fire yesterday by saying Jackson is like Mike Tyson. He hasn't added to his game in years and is a one-dimensional power puncher. He's also called Jackson for his sense of humor which he says plays up negative black stereotypes. Evans called Jackson an Uncle Tom, which ESPN's Josh Elliott was quick to bring up during an interview on Sportscenter (0:45 mark). Jackson had little reaction to the comment but he did get more surly as the interview went along. After Elliot asked him a few poorly worded querstions (1:39 mark), Jackson gave him truncated answers. Jackson did the same with several fans, who were allowed to ask questions during the prefight presser, calling one of the queries stupid and asking for the next one.

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Jackson is just about done talking and ready to fight.

"I'm done with it. I'll do all my talking in the cage. I've been a fighter my whole life. I've had to fight for everything my whole life. That's where I do most of my talking."

Now the test is on to see who can keep their cool in the Octagon.

"I'm glad he did that," Jackson said of Evans' trash talk. "I think it was a bad move if that was his thing to get up under my skin. I think it was bad idea."

If Evans get destroyed by Jackson, he's going to have to hear about it for a long time.

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