‘Rampage’ Jackson unhappy with pay, wants to fight outside the UFC

Maggie Hendricks

From the department of biting the hand that feeds you, Quinton Jackson complained on Twitter about the UFC and said his next fight in the UFC will be his last.

"I feel sorry for my next opponent, no matter who or what it is," Jackson wrote via Twitter. "I will fight whoever they put in front of me — I always have — but it will be my last fight in the UFC.  I have other things on my mind. I didn't say I would be done fighting; I just said I'm not fighting for the UFC (u fight cheap)."

Jackson's most recent salary information was from UFC 96 in 2009, where he made $325,000. It doesn't count locker room bonuses, sponsorship money or a cut of the pay-per-view. As a headliner, it's likely Jackson's contract calls for pay-per-view money.

To review, the UFC stood by Jackson as he went on a hit-and-run driving rampage, as he took a break from fighting to film "The A-Team" plus do all the publicity required for the movie, during the many times he treated media like a punching bag, and when he insulted their own color commentator and another fighter working as an analyst.

Before UFC 144, the UFC's doctor sent him to an age specialist, who gave him testosterone therapy and helped make him healthy enough to fight and enjoy himself more in the bedroom.

There are fighters who have a legitimate reason to be unhappy with their pay and treatment by the UFC. Jackson is not one of them.

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