'Rampage' Jackson continues spat with King Mo

Back at UFC 100, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson and Mo "King Mo" Lawal got into a verbal tiff, with Jackson trying to be his usual comedian self. For some reason, after video was posted of the spat, Rampage kept the fight going. He posted this to his blog on Saturday:

Straight up, if you’re not one of my friends or fighting one of my friends or a potential later opponent, I might not get a chance to watch your fight. So I didn’t know who the hell King Mo was & now he crying like a little girl saying that he met me a long time ago when I was fighting at KOTC & he said I shined him cause I was talking to four people when he introduced himself. Now this guy running his mouth, but if I was him, I would shut the hell up cause he seriously don’t want none.

Lawal, who has four straight wins in Sengoku and is preparing for an M-1 fight with Don Frye, spoke with Cagewriter about Rampage.

"First off, I never came at him. He tried to clown me, I stood up for myself, I clowned him back," Lawal said. "Second of all, if you watch the video, he talks about the Travis Wiuff fight. He knew what my first victory was! He said he doesn't know me but he knew that."

Lawal is bothered by how Jackson always seems to come after other black fighters.

"He's playing himself. He keeps playing himself by talking down on other black fighters, and saying 'black-on-black crime.' It isn't funny. Black-on-black crime is so serious. He can joke about it to make a commercial, but it isn't funny. Vernon Forrest was shot to death this weekend. Black people are killing each other, and he's joking about that?"

Lawal added that Rampage needs to stop worrying about an up and coming fighter like Lawal, and worry about his fight with Rashad Evans.

Lawal, on the other hand, made it clear that he is not looking past his fight with 43-year-old Frye.

"Everyone's talking about how I'm going to kill him, but I'm taking him so serious. I'm going to make sure I finish him."

For Lawal, this spat brings attention to him, though he said he has no interest in keeping it going. He just wants to focus on his fight. Rampage's intentions are not so clear. Lawal isn't in the UFC, and Rampage is locked up for a fight with Rashad Evans in December. What is the point of going after Lawal -- two weeks after their original squabble -- who he won't fight in quite a while?

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