'Rampage' will guest host WWE's RAW on June 7

More proof that there is no war between the UFC and Vince McMahon's WWE: Quinton "Rampage" Jackson is slated to host WWE's RAW on Monday, June 7. He'll be joined at the Miami event by "A-Team" co-stars Bradley Cooper and Sharlto Copley. It's got to be part of a huge publicity tour that Jackson will be undertaking after UFC 114. And hopefully it's even more motivation for Rampage to win his fight against Rashad Evans. Who wants to hit the ring in WWE and the rest of the talk show circuit looking beat to hell?

Or is there a beef and McMahon is sticking it to UFC president Dana White? It sounds like wrestling fans are amped and certainly in conspiratorial mode:

Rampage Jackson appearing on WWE RAW is a huge conflict of interest to the UFC. Spike TV airs all of the UFC programming (along with Versus now). Spike TV is also the home to TNA Wrestling and reportedly has some financial interest in the company. Rampage Jackson appearing on TNA Wrestling would have undoubtedly given them a boost in their ratings. Whether the WWE advertises him as the draw or not, he is the big draw on June 7. It is a big conflict of interest in my opinion.

Who thinks the UFC is against Rampage appearing on RAW? A huge conflict of interest? The blogger from CamelClutchBlog.com is also worried the WWE will botch this because McMahon is so "anti-UFC."

Of all of the non-wrestler WWE Guest Hosts, Rampage Jackson has the chance to steal the show. Rampage Jackson is a huge pro wrestling fan which is obvious to his homage to the Junkyard Dog. If the WWE lets him, I would imagine he would be willing to go nuts and get involved throughout the show. The only ones who can (and probably will) screw this up are the WWE. As great as this night could be, it would also not surprise me to see the WWE completely ignore Rampage Jackson’s UFC career and keep him in the background. This is where the absence of Shane McMahon really hurts for MMA fans. Shane McMahon is a huge UFC fan and would have had a good chance of educating his father and the writing staff about the opportunity that had fallen in their hands.

I'm guessing Vince knows plenty about Jackson and will capitalize on his MMA fighting fame. McMahon really has fooled some into thinking he's the enemy of wrestling fans. Even I knew that wasn't true when I stopped watching wrestling at the age of 15.

Jackson is also following in Mr. T's footsteps. Mr. T was part of Wrestlemania I in 1985 when he paired with Hulk Hogan to take on Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. He also served as a guest referee in 1987 and again in 1994.

The A-Team opens June 11.

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