Is Rampage being thrown to the wolves?

The fight world is tough. Especially in the UFC where you lose two or three straight fights and you may go bye-bye. So imagine facing a second straight loss, dealing with psychotic episode spurred on by your closest confidant stealing money from you and facing the guy who knocked your head off twice in two previous meetings.

David Samuels from The Atlantic was thinking the same thing:

I ask White whom Rampage will fight next. “It’s probably gonna be him and Wanderlei Silva,” White says.

“But Silva knocked him out twice,” I object.

“Yeah,” he answers with a shrug.

Samuels can't believe that Rampage has to battle Silva:

Seems unnecessarily cruel. When I ask White whether he has suggested to Rampage that he might be better off with a different opponent, he shrugs again.

“This is the fight business, man. It’s a rough business.”

Samuels caught up with Jackson 25 days after his driving rampage and mental episode in Southern California. He didn't really sound like a guy who should fighting anytime soon:

“I stopped eating and stopped sleeping. I get touched by God, because I’m reading the Bible and I’m staying up and I’m fasting, and when you’re fasting, you get close to God.”

He was afraid to go to sleep, because he was close to God, and when God or Jesus reveals himself to you, the devil comes too, he says. After he came back home from the police station, he had everyone in his house reading the Bible. His door was open. People he didn’t know came in and out of his house.

“This one guy I never seen before in my life, Asian dude, came to my door,” Jackson tells me. “I said, ‘If you’re a child of God, you can just walk into my house. If you’re not a child of God, you can’t.’ I remember saying that. That’s about the only thing I remember.”

This is a great story. Samuel's write-up of the fight was tremendous. His descriptive language is excellent. He drops some bombs on Jenna Jameson and has a quickie conversation with celeb/UFC fan Mandy Moore.

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