Radio host suggests Carano could compete with Torres and Faber

Dan LeBatard is quickly developing the reputation as the No. 1 must listen interviewer on sportsradio. The 790 The Ticket host is disliked by many in the business and actually carries the moniker LeBastard with some support staff in the Miami area. Dan Patrick went nuts on him last week after his Michael Phelps interview. Phelps came off as a complete stiff and hung up on LeBatard. If you have a personality and can roll with the punches, speaking with LeBatard can make for great radio. His recent conversation with Gina Carano was one of the best MMA interviews I've heard on sportsradio.

LeBatard displayed a rare quality in the guy radio world of insecure, know-it-alls, he was willing to play the idiot to get a good response. He actually asked Carano if she could compete with men in her weight class.

"I know what it's like to be hit hard by a guy so I'm not always trying to compare myself to guys and think that I can beat up anybody. But at the same time I can do pretty well against certain people, certain styles. I think I've surprised a lot of guys thinking that it was going to be easier than it was."


One would hope with LeBatard's knowledge of mixed martial arts and sports in general, that he doesn't actually believe Carano could compete with men her size, like WEC 145 lb. champ Urijah Faber or 135 lb. champ Miguel Torres. This would be like media folks saying USC could beat the St. Louis Rams or the Tennessee women's basketball team could beat the men's team. It's just downright ridiculous.

LeBatard and his sidekick Stugotz hit on some funny topics like dating, Kimbo-bashing, and fighting's biggest badass. They stumped Carano when they asked her what guy had a great ass in sports. She also dissed Hulk Hogan.

Sometimes LeBatard does overstep like when he mocked on Chuck Liddell and cut short an interview with 'The Iceman' a few weeks back.


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