Quinton 'Rampage' Jackson is a Renaissance man

On the way to their appearance for Cage Fighter apparel company at Wal-Mart in Las Vegas, UFC light heavyweight Rampage Jackson and Mo Lawal, who will fight Don Frye on August 28, put on a show, jawing smack talk at each other non-stop. Jackson started it off, making fun of Lawal the second he stepped into the van. Lawal didn't back down, claiming Jackson had no shot of knocking "King Mo" out. Luckily, Fight Launch was there to catch it. (The language is not safe for work, unless your workplace condones use of a derogatory word for African-Americans and a term for doing a lewd act to your mother.)

As it turns out, Jackson is more than a fighter, a comedian and the coach of the upcoming season of "The Ultimate Fighter." He's a dancer!

And he's a race car driver, but not a politician.

He's even a clairvoyant, predicting a rash of black-on-black crime.

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