Pro wrestler Lashley TKOs the much larger Sapp in minutes

Former pro wrestler Bobby Lashley showed that he is for real in mixed martial arts, defeating veteran fighter Bob Sapp with a technical knockout in less than two minutes at "Ultimate Chaos" in Biloxi, Miss.

As soon as the bell rung, Bobby Lashley went in for a quick takedown. He had no problem with bringing the much larger Sapp to the canvas. From there, he executed his game plan well, staying on top of Sapp and throwing a barrage of punches. Sapp tapped to signal that he wanted the fight to end, but the referee did not see it, and Lashley kept punching. Finally, Sapp tapped again, and the referee put an end to the fight at 1:17 in the first round. After the win, Lashley announced that he is ready for whoever wants to take him on.

"To all the heavyweights out there, if you're not looking at me, you better, because I'm coming. I'll take on all challengers," Lashley said.

Both men have the first name Bob, and both have experience professional wrestling, but the similarities end there, as Sapp outweighed Lashley by nearly 67 pounds for the main event. Lashley, who is undefeated in the real sport of MMA after years as a star professional wrestler in the WWE and ECW, took on the fight with Sapp, who is a veteran of Japanese fight promotions PRIDE and K-1, to prove that his desire to excel in MMA is real. A win over Sapp validated Lashley in the cage, moving his record to 4-0.

Lashley weighed in at 255 pounds for the fight, meaning that he would have no problem making the heavyweight class of 265 for more mainstream mixed martial arts promotions like the UFC, Strikeforce and Affliction. Considering how he has steamrolled through his four opponents, and that he is training at the highly touted American Top Team, it's not crazy to think that we will soon see Lashley on a larger stage.

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