His privacy violated, Lesnar says it's time to fire someone

If you followed the entire Brock Lesnar sickness saga, you know the guy doesn't want people messing with his personal life. Information trickled out through Dana White from time to time and then there were the little leaks to certain blogs. Clearly, someone in Lesnar's camp couldn't keep their mouth shut. Lesnar takes this seriously.

"It was difficult [to keep things] private when my own camp comes out and says things when they're not authorized to say anything. It pissed me off."

Lesnar has a terrible temper so imagine if you're the guy who crossed him?

"It pissed me off. Automatically I want to get rid of those people because them are the people I trust."

The leaks actually changed the way the Lesnar return announcement went down this week. The UFC was going to hold a big press conference in Las Vegas but the promotion scrapped the idea when leaks emerged last week indicating that he was coming back. Lesnar's trainer Greg Nelson went on ESPN's MMALive and took away much of mystery by saying Lesnar was coming back without spilling the beans on a date.

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