Pregnant woman wins fight, but now out of the mix for Carano match

Female fighters bring some unique differences to the table versus their male counterparts. They face different challenges when cutting weight, but that's nothing compared to the reason Cindy Dandois just dropped out of the mix for a June fight against Strikeforce star Gina Carano.

Dandois is three months pregnant, and fought in mid-March, when she was just over two months into her pregnancy. She beat Jorina Baars on a fight card in Belgium. Dandois confirmed to Cagewriter that she is pregnant and was for her last fight, but didn't know it at the time.

"I did tests before because my weight was more difficult to reach, but they were all negative so I didn't realize it," Dandois said in an email to Cagewriter. She even took a test at a hospital before getting an X-ray, and that came up negative.

This all begs the question -- do all state commissions that control fights need to start administering a pregnancy test along with tests for PEDs before females step into the cage? Nevada State Athletic Commission does require pregnancy testing, though that would not have changed anything for Dandois as her pregnancy tests came up negative.

Strikeforce CEO Scott Coker discussed the pregnancy news and said a new opponent will be found shortly for Carano. Carano will return to fighting after 21-plus months off while busy with a movie career. Dandois said that she hopes to return to fighting shape soon after the birth of her child.

"If I wasn't pregnant I would've agreed for this fight because it was and is still my biggest dream to fight her one time," Dandois said. "I hope Strikeforce still wants me and asks me after my pregnancy. If I can sign with them I will start training again right away so I can be ready to take any fight in about 2-3 months after my baby is born, and my family will be there to support me."

Though it's causing a hiccup in her fighting career, Dandois is grateful for the pregnancy.

"God gave me this child present. Who am I for not being thankful for it. Some women have to move earth and fire to get a child and I got blessed like this, having already two beautiful kids. I guess fighting I can still do after I got my baby, but my children are for the rest of my life!!"

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