Pot-smoking wrestling world champ to make MMA debut

Joe Warren was on top of the world -- literally. The American Greco-Roman wrestler won the world championships in 2006, and was looking like a favorite to win gold in Beijing. That was until his Olympic dreams went up in smoke, again, quite literally.

Warren tested positive for THC, the chemical produced by marijuana, after the U.S. World Team Trials in 2007. As this was Warren's second offense, he was given a two-year suspension by the U.S. Anti-Doping Association, causing him to miss the 2007 Worlds and the Olympics. The suspension will be over in July of this year.

This weekend, Warren will try to put the suspension behind him as he makes his MMA debut at DREAM 7's featherweight Grand Prix in Japan. His wrestling abilities will help him with some big throws, but he is facing a tough test in his first match in former WEC champ, Chase Beebe. Like Warren, Beebe started out in wrestling, and actually still has a brother wrestling at Central Michigan University. However, Beebe has had a much longer fighting career. Sunday's fight will show just what Warren has been doing with his time since being suspended.

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