Post UFC 89 thoughts

Overall, it was a decent night of fights from Spike, though it was not, I repeat, not live. I definitely enjoyed seeing this slate of fights for free. Some closing thoughts before we move on to UFC 90:

God save the Queen Michael Bisping: The crowd in Birmingham cheered on Brits Paul Kelly and Paul Taylor, but they tore down the house for Bisping. He rewarded them with a strategic win.

If they see Dana White calling, they might not want to answer: Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou and Brandon Vera. Both fighters have been touted as the next big thing, and neither have really followed through. Sokoudjou is probably safe, but Vera is not.

Please let Marcus Davis fight in Ireland: After he choked out Paul Kelly, Davis begged the UFC to send him to fight in Dublin. I hope that the UFC makes his dream come true, and that he is matched up with the other winner from tonight, Chris Lytle.

Rest in peace, Evan. Joe Rogan wore a thick beard in tribute to Evan Tanner. That's pretty cool.

A Night of a Thousand Punches: I don't know if this was by design, but the card was filled with strikers. We didn't see much groundwork outside of Davis' guillotine.

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