Poirier cuts through the Grispi hype for a decision win at UFC 125

Dustin Poirier derailed the Josh Grispi hype train, beating him in a unanimous decision, 30-27 on all three judges cards at UFC 125 on Saturday night. Grispi had no answer for Poirier's stand-up, and his lack of experience in later rounds showed.

Poirier surprised Grispi in the first round, landing several striking unanswered combinations. He used a front kick both to create distance and to knock Grispi on the ground. Twice, when Grispi tried for a takedown, Poirier ended up on top. Grispi tried for a Kimura near the end of the round, but couldn't finish.

In Grispi's first second round since the Spring of 2007, Grispi attempted to take Poirier down and maintain control. He couldn't do it. Poirier moved to the top, pinned Grispi's arm down and landed short punches before letting Grispi stand up. Back on the ground, Grispi tried for a triangle choke. Poirier slammed Grispi off of his neck and then followed up with a strike.

Poirier utilized the clinch for much of the third round, landing knee after knee on the exhausted Grispi. He was able to get a takedown with less than a minute left, but he wasn't able to do anything to Poirier from the top position.

Grispi had been scheduled to fight UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo on ths card, but an injury sideline the champ. Grispi wanted to still fight on the card, and was given Poirier. Given the beating that Poirier put down, it was clear that Grispi was not the fighter to end Aldo's run.

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