Please make this TUF not make me hate myself for watching

An open letter to Dana White, the Fertittas and everyone else involved in the ninth season of the Ultimate Fighter:

Please, please, please say that this season of the Ultimate Fighter is better than the last one. The gross pranks, the out-of-control drinking and the lack of footage about, y'know, fighting, had many UFC fans fed-up. We'll have to watch tonight to see if you implemented any of our recommended changes, but I'm assuming that is a big no.

The nationalism element may prove interesting. I don't expect to see a cultural exchange between the two groups of countrymen living in one house, but if we leave the show with the American fighters saying the fight is bloody awesome, then I'll take that as a win. The best part of the British fighters will be ridiculous accents, and seeing how the production team handles them. Will we again see subtitles for fighters speaking perfect English, like we did with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira?

More than anything, the show needs to be about what it purports to be about, namely, up-and-coming fighters trying to get into the UFC. That has enough drama inherently built into it. So please, please, please, make this show about that. No one wants to walk away from watching the show, airing on Wednesdays on Spike at 10 p.m. ET, regretting that they tuned in at all.

Best regards,

Cage Writer

P.S. Cage Writer will have coverage of every episode of the Ultimate Fighter, as well as tonight's Ultimate Fight Night with a live chat with Maggie Hendricks during the event and bout-by-bout results. Don't forget after the card is complete, Yahoo! Sports/ESPNRadio1100 will have on the winners during a live postfight show from the Sommet Center in Nashville. Listen here.

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