Piotr Hallman shows great respect for Francisco Trinaldo after winning by Kimura submission

Kevin Iole

The respect that mixed martial arts fighters show each other after they have fought is often awe-inspiring. More of that was on display Wednesday after Piotr Hallman submitted Francisco Trinaldo at UFC FIght Night in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Trinaldo dominated much of the fight, working Hallman's rib cage over with a series of kicks. He hurt Hallman with several strikes.

But after successfully defending a takedown, Hallman caught Trinaldo in a Kimura and forced the submission at 3:50 of the second round. He earned a $50,000 bonus for Submission of the Night.

The men had battered fiercely and left everything they had in the cage. After he tapped, Trinaldo laid flat on his back in the cage, not arising quickly, clearly disappointed and worn out. As Hallman released the submission, he rolled to Trinaldo's left, still on his knees.

At that point, he leaned over and kissed Trinaldo on the chest and then briefly laid his head on the still-prone Trinaldo's chest. Trinaldo reached up his hand to pat Hallman, who was making his UFC debut, on the side of the head.

It was a small thing that most probably missed, but it is a sign of the respect fighters develop after a hard bout in the cage.