Pictures of the Day: Rashad Evans and famous people

Maggie Hendricks

As Rashad Evans trained for this Saturday's title bout with Jon Jones, something about his camp attracted famous people.
Rashad Evans shared this picture of when football Hall of Famer Michael Irvin dropped by their camp. Do you think they're discussing the draft position of Chandler Jones?

During a trip to Puerto Rico, Evans met up with boxing legend Felix Trinidad. It was pretty rude to punch the camera, gentlemen.

Here, Evans is with Victoria Azarenka, the No. 1 ranked tennis player in the world and the winner of the 2012 Australian Open. As shown on "Primetime," he also was in the stands for one of her matches.
Before Evans' UFC 133 bout with Tito Ortiz, he picked up striking tips from another boxing legend. What advice do you thin Bernard Hopkins had for Evans?


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