Photos like these prove that fighters are secure in their manhood

"WTF?” was my reaction too when seeing these photos of Tom Lawlor with Seth Petruzelli and Shinya Aoki with Masakazu Imanari. Aoki even goes the extra mile by wearing a lovely schoolgirl outfit, “Babel”-style.

These photos aren't the only disturbing trend in MMA. The Wolfslair and its bag tag game is a bit creepy too. Quinton Jackson and Tiki Ghosn banged everyone in junk cageside at UFC 95 (2:10, 3:28, 4:53 marks). Then Jackson popped Cage Writer in the pills before UFC 96. Then to add insult to injury, literally, Ghosn nailed Jackson again in lockerroom after he beat Keith Jardine at UFC 96. Ghosn showed dexterity by drilling Jackson and Dana White at the same time (9:58 mark).

Don't go thinking this childish chicanery is reserved for just fighters. According to The Big Lead, the Chicago Cubs pulled off a double bag tag over the weekend. Wazzou basketball players also got cozy recently. I guess it falls under the header boys will be boys.

Photo tip from CagePotato