What people are saying about UFC 89

After Bisping's yawn of a win over Chris Leben, and Keith Jardine's split decision over Brandon Vera, the internet is talking up a storm about the fights and the future of all of the fighters:

- Cage Potato compiled the best pictures of the evening. MMA lends itself so well to photography, like this picture of Jardine and Vera.

- Fight Linker points out Michael Bisping still hasn't really beaten anyone big, though he will be facing the winner of Rich Franklin and Dan Henderson during the Ultimate Fighter 9.

- MMA Junkie has a rundown of the bonuses awarded on Saturday. Paul Taylor and Chris Lytle won Fight of the Night, just as they had planned.

- MMA Rated writer admits that he was wrong, wrong, wrong about Michael Bisping. As we finished up our live blog on Saturday night, many commenters pointed out that Bisping didn't engage Leben enough for the win. Fair enough, but what Bisping fought was a very smart fight. As fighters evolve and grow, I think we will see more of this. The "Machida Method" works, though it is frustrating for fans. There will always be fighters who want to win by knockout or submission, but there will also be fighters who just want to win. Sometimes that means using the smartest methods, not the the toughest.

- Dana White isn't quite sure what has happened to Brandon Vera. We're all wondering the same thing, Dana. Vera's descent from an up-and-comer in the heavyweight division to just another light-heavyweight has happened quickly and was difficult to watch. His next fight, the last on his contract, is an absolute must-win.

Photo via MMAWeekly.

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