People are overreacting to CBS donnybrook, says Shields

The inevitable switch is happening. It's the way news cycle works in 2010. Something bad goes down, the media and onlookers flip out, it get days of coverage and then the odd switch occurs. That's when people start to turn on those who criticized in the first place.

It's exactly what's happening now around the ridiculous Strikeforce brawl on CBS. Now you're hearing it wasn't a big deal. Fights happen all the time at sporting events. Sure they do, believe what you want to believe.

Frankly, if the combatants don't think it's a big deal then no message was received and nothing has been accomplished. Jake Shields, who started the melee by flipping out when Jason Miller got in his face, sounds like he's grown weary of the criticism.

"In the whole scheme of things, I don’t think it was that big of a deal," Shields told Sirius/XM's Hardcore Radio. "I think everyone overreacted. Mayhem shouldn’t have gotten in there, I probably shouldn’t have pushed him, and my teammates shouldn’t have gotten involved as well. But we’re a close knit team and I think my teammates felt really disrespected and just wanted to back me up and help me out."

Probably? Shields even downplays the viciousness of the 7-on-1 fight.

"He had a really rude look on his face and then when he shoulder bumped me I probably overreacted a little bit, but with the emotions running high after the fight and him being disrespectful, I pushed him. From there a couple of my teammates pushed him a little bit and maybe hit him a couple of times. I think a couple of his guys jumped in as well, it kinda got a little hectic, and was hard seeing what was going on."

Hopefully that's the way CBS and the Tennessee Athletic Commission look at it. In this same Sports Radio Interviews post, Gus Johnson's reaction is featured. Johnson was shredded by bloggers and MMA media for the way he handled things on the microphone. He does a nice of explaining why he said, what he said. As a guy who covers all major sports, he does a little better job of downplaying the incident than Shields did.

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