Penn has harsh words for critical fans and media members

B.J. Penn's fight for what he thinks is right, has turned off a lot of people. They're asking: What's to be accomplished? Why keep going on with this fight? Both valid questions. Penn thinks that logic is flawed, which means you're flawed:

"If you have a problem with me filing a formal complaint because something unfair happened in the sport of MMA what does that say about yourself?" Penn told Cage Writer after Tuesday's "Grease-Gate" hearing in Las Vegas. "Thousands of people are saying 'hey that wasn't fair' and you got a problem with me doing that? What does that say about yourself? What does that say about you?"

Watch Penn speak to Cage Writer about his desires for a rematch and what will be accomplished by his ongoing fight (4:45 mark):

Penn says critics should be looking at the greater good for MMA:

"Before you say I'm anti-George or anti-B.J., you have to say you're pro-MMA. This is about cleaning the thing up. So what if I'm wrong? I filed a complaint and I'm wrong, at least the sport's intact and they've got new rules for the next generation."

Do you believe Penn when he says that he's fighting for all mixed martial artists and the purity of the sport? Or is this a selfish move that is giving the sport a bad name?