Penn camp states case, NSAC chief indicates it's time to move on

The 'Grease-Gate' controversy has taken on a life of its own since the incident went down in late January at UFC 94. George St. Pierre cornerman Phil Nurse says it was a simple mistake when he illegally applied Vaseline to GSP's shoulders, back and arms. Many fans just want it to go away and don't believe it's significant. After two hours of discussion that involved the Nevada State Athletic Commission and the B.J. Penn and GSP camps, the Executive Director of the NSAC, Keith Kizer sounds like he agrees with those frustrated fans.

"I have no plans to bring a complaint against anybody in this matter," Keith Kizer told the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Watch Kizer tell Cage Writer that there probably won't be any disciplinary action (2:50 mark):

The Penn camp walked out of the room ready to provide what sounded like a truckload of affidavits, video and more evidence to establish intent on the part of the St. Pierre camp and how greasing puts opponents at serious risk. When Penn lawyer Raffi Nahabedian was told that Kizer basically indicated it was unlikely there would be any further investigation, penalties handed down or that the fight could ruled a no-contest, he went into attack mode:

"What I would like to know is, how did Keith Kizer make any of these determinations? How did he come to the conclusions he came to, and what did he review? It's beyond comprehension," Raffi Nahabedian said.

Nahabedian told Adam Hill from the Review-Journal that this was no different than a positive steroid test or the Antonio Margarito case in California, where a plaster-like material was found in the boxer's handwraps. He said California did a great job during the investigation:

"Thank God that wasn't Keith Kizer. Truth be told, what would Kizer have done?" Nahabedian said.

Even with indications from Kizer that this was a done deal, Nahabedian told the Las Vegas Sun that he fully expects to be in front of the commission again in the near future.

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