'Pee Wee' Herman will never face Kimbo Slice

Elite XC looks to be building a decent stable of heavyweights led by Brett Rogers and Antonio 'Big Foot' Silva.

After watching D-level heavyweight James Thompson (2-7 in last nine fights), nearly destroy Kimbo Slice during Elite XC's CBS debut, promoter Gary Shaw has to be careful about who he matches against his big meal ticket.

Check out Dave Herman mauling Ron Waterman, you'll see it's safe to say Kimbo won't be battling 'Pee Wee' anytime soon.

Waterman isn't much better than Thompson but he does have wins over former UFC heavyweight champ Ricco Rodriguez and Kevin Randleman. That said, unlike Kimbo, 'Pee Wee' didn't jerk around with Waterman into the third round.

Herman (11-0), 23 years old, is a legit heavyweight at 6-foot-5, 250 pounds.

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